Keythe Farley: voice of Thane Krios

Keythe Farley is the brilliant voice actor of Thane Krios and our staff had the privilege to interview Mr. Farley for his fans; you should really read this interview because is impossibile not to like him as we do!

Mass Effect Legion: Welcome aboard Keythe! We would like to know you better, since you have a very interesting career! How about we start the interview talking about you?

Keythe Farley: Okay. My kids started school today, so the house is quiet. I’m working on some (super secret) casting projects that I’ll sit down to direct later this year. My pal Brian is coming back from vacation soon, and we’ll get back to work on his adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s HEART OF DARKNESS which I am thrilled to direct for the stage. My ukulele is sad because I haven’t played her today, and my dog is sleeping in the next room.

MEL: We had the pleasure to hear you in the Mass Effect saga, but we know that you’re also a voice director, other than a voice actor. How is it like to have the opportunity of working on both sides?
Which one do you like most? How does this help you to get the edge in your work?

Keythe Farley: I love directing. I love acting. I love music. I love comedy. Right now, my business is mostly directing and acting, but it wasn’t too long ago that it was directing and writing, and, before that, it was acting and writing. I hope my experience as an actor makes me a better director. I think I’m very efficient as a director because I know what an actor needs to hear to get to the heart of the matter in a scene.

MEL: How did you become Thane’s voice actor? According to you, why they’ve assigned you this part?

Keythe Farley: I was at a buddy’s house for dinner, and I remembered that I had this audition that I’d forgotten about earlier in the day. He’s a composer, and he has a studio in his home. I asked him if I could use his studio to record this audition. He agreed and told me that I’d have to buy him lunch if I booked it. The booking didn’t actually come in for, like, six months– I think, maybe they cast someone else– but when I got it, I called my pal and we had a steak salad together. He also gave me some good direction on my read– encouraged me to go a little deeper than I might have if I’d been alone in my studio at home.

Thane is really deep. I like being able to plum those depths in my work. He’s also beautifully conflicted: he makes all these rationalizations about how he’s just a weapon in someone else’s hand, but when his son wants to follow in his footsteps, he goes out of his way to be sure that that doesn’t happen. He’s also facing his mortality, which is about as deep as it gets. When I’m teaching I always encourage my students to make everything life-and-death important, in MASS EFFECT, it was right there on the page.

MEL: Thane has a very gritty voice but it’s wonderful how it sounds so “charmant”. Indeed the character itself is a true gentleman and romantic, but also very complex, troubled and sometimes very pained. Surely that makes of Thane Krios the most interesting romance with a very touching love story. Does this all match the description they gave to you for this character? Are we missing some important feature?

Keythe Farley: No. I’d say you understand him very well. The duality of the assassin/ monk is a wonderful literary touch, and makes the character so much fun to play.

MEL: How do you feel knowing you are the voice for which lots of fans fell in love with Thane?

Keythe Farley: It makes me blush a bit. It would make my kids crack up. It would make my wife roll her eyes.

MEL: What did you enjoyed the most about your BioWare experience? Do you had the opportunity to know nice and close-knit coworkers?

Keythe Farley: VO performance is usually a solo endeavor. I had a blast working with my directors and the writers and the engineers, but, mostly, I worked alone. Ginny McSwain was the VO Director for ME2, and she and I both come out of live theatre, so we’d sit and talk about our crazy experiences in university and professional theatre– we had a lot in common, and she could really make me laugh.

MEL: Thanks to the Mass Effect CAST Cosplay initiative we had the opportunity to watch you Live, letting us know you better. We can assure, certain moments you make us crack up! You were very nice! Would you like to talk about this experience?

Keythe Farley: I had so much fun that weekend. It was great to get out and meet the Thane fans, and raise some money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. I’m so grateful to be part of something that really touched people’s lives. Because the work is so solitary, we sometimes forget the impact our work has on people. It was also fun to cut loose with Kimberly and the other participants. When that one guy asked me to scold Kolyat, I thought that was a really funny idea, and I just went with it. I hope we can do it again.

MEL: Mass Effect isn’t the only videogame you worked on. You are also the voice director of the God of War saga (to name but one), what’s like to work on a such huge franchise?

Keythe Farley: GOD OF WAR was a real game-changer for me. I had done some RUGRATS video games after i voice directed that series, and, while they were a lot of fun, they were, by design, pretty simple games. GOD OF WAR really taught me what games can do in terms of narrative thrust and unique game play. I had a feeling on that game that it was either going to be a monster hit or a terrific failure. About six months later, I was writing with a friend and we were wasting time (it’s what we do). I suggested that we Google GOD OF WAR to see what people were saying, and I was totally blown away by the cavalcade of positive reception the game was getting in the media. Then I played it, and realized what all the hype was about. It was also fun to work with TC Carlson– he’s another theatre guy– and Linda Hunt is simply a gem.

I was also there the day they got approval to put boobs in the game.

MEL: Are you actually involved in some interesting project? Is there a chance we can hear you again soon?

Keythe Farley: I’m at work on several interesting projects– most of which I can’t talk about. I’m Eruptor in SKYLANDERS, and he’s going to be a big balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (Thanksgiving? Does that matter to Italians?). I’m also the voice of Wildfire in the upcoming version of that game. I also had the pleasure of playing alongside Patrick Warburton on the SKYLANDERS: TRAP TEAM game for the 3DS. He and I do some schtick that’s contained in scrolls you pick up in the game. I’ll be appearing here in the states at BuzzCon in Tulare, California, September 13-14, and my commercial for Orbit Gum is still running here in the states. I’m the tag line at the very end.

MEL: A greeting to your italian fans?

Keythe Farley: Much Love to all the Italian fans of Thane and MASS EFECT.

Italian is such a beautiful language, especially when it is spoken by your little ones.

**Keythe Farley has an official fan page on facebook for his character Thane managed by himself, so if you’re a fan of the smexy assassin just have a like!
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