Jillian Murray: face of Liara T’Soni


The actress and model Jillian Murray is the beauty behind Liara T’Soni’s features and we had the privilege of a quick interview with this awesome multy talented woman for the Mass Effect fan-base!

MEL: Hi Jill, welcome aboard! This is not a job interview of course but we would really like to know more about yourself. Did you ever expected to become an actress someday? Was it something sudden or some hard and laborious “step by step ladder of success”?

Jillian Murray: It was def a step by step situation. I was auditioning like every other actor!

MEL: How did you become Liara’s face model? Did you enjoy being chosen for an unusual job like this?

JM: It was an audition and yes I enjoyed it because it’s very different than anything I’ve ever done before.

MEL: Could you explain to us how the face-modeling works? Are you satisfied of your appearance in-game?

JM: It was sitting in a room and doing emotions for a camera… Crying, laughing, frustration… Yes I think they did a great job on her.

MEL: Would you ever dub videogame characters if given the opportunity?

JM: yes I would love to do some voice over in the future.

MEL: And what about being the actress interpreting Liara in a real movie? This would certainly make lots of Mass Effect fans very happy.

JM: it’s just rumors now. I hope it happens though!

MEL: What’s like leaving a sign in the nerdworld? Are you proud of being an icon for most fans and, above all, of being the face model of a non-human character?

JM: The gamer community is great! So much more vocal than the movie fans in terms of online presence.

MEL: Are you a gamer? Have you played Mass Effect games? If yes, did you romance yourself?

JM: I have played and her I made sure to “romance” her. 😉

MEL: Any other videogame you liked? What do you think about video game industry in general?

JM: I dig call of duty. I wouldn’t call myself a gamer but I can get into certain ones 🙂

MEL: Are you planning something big for the future? Might be we able to see you soon in some show or something exclusive?

JM: Yes, my new film Cabin Fever: Patient Zero 🙂 (NDA http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2102496/ )

Thank you Jillian!

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Wanna learn more about this gorgeous woman? Jillian Murray has an official Facebook, check it out! official Jillian Murray on FB
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